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Science Lab

We have modernized physics lab in which students are trained to perform sophisticated, project oriented activities in all fields of modern physics. The laboratory activities are designed to acknowledge the students to advanced instrumentation & experimentation design. The lab is well furnished & fully air cooled for the convenience of students. Well efficient equipments like ammeter, voltmeter, galvanometer, Resistance Box, Vernier Calliper, Screw gauge, Battery elimination, Transistor characteristics apparatus,Zener diode appartus,junction diode, Optical bench, lenses, Prisms,metre bridge,Transformers,Spherometer,Gravesand's apparatus,Slolted weights, Searle's apparatus,sonometer, tuning fork etc. are available in our lab.

Our Chemistry lab is well equipped. Students do their practical with modern technologies. Students can do practicals .individually, Deep knowledge is provided to the students through practicals. The lab is well furnished & fully air cooled. Fire extinguishers are also available in case of any miss happening takes place. Well efficient equipments in our chemistry lab are--- burettes, pipettes, beakers, kipp`s appratus,measuring flasks, measuring cylinders, reagent bottles, electronic weighing machine,thermometer,water leaths,titration flasks, salts, potassium permangate etc.

Well efficient Bio Lab with state of the art infrastructure & latest equipment like Microscopes, specimens of exotic species of flora & fauna and permanent slides. Guidance provided to the students by experts so that they can learn things practically.