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Admission Under Graduate

Direction Regarding Admission
1. Signatures of the candidates should be the same both in the admission from and the examination form. Students should be careful to write their names on the Admission form, the same as written on the certificates given by the board or the university.
2. Latest photograph should be pasted on the Admission form.
3. The Admission form should be duly filled and submitted in the college office in the stipulated time period along with the fee.
4. The candidate must attach the mark sheet of the qualifying exam, migration certificate, Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate along with the Admission form.
5. If the candidate has passed his Senior Secondary Exam then he must fill the university enrolment form and deposit in the office with the necessary fee.
6. If you have passed your senior secondary exam from a University/Board other than Bikaner University or secondary Education Board Rajasthan, Ajmer then you will have to submit your migration certificate along with the admission form otherwise you will not be allowed to take the exam. Also submit your enrolment form with the eligibility certificates.
7. Select your subject carefully. In normal course you are not allowed to change the subject one can’t change one’s subject in II and III Year.

Eligibility for Admission
B.A Part Ist and Bsc. Part Ist
1. For candidates seeking admission from Sriganganagar Every candidate seeking admission to B.A I year must have secured at least 48% in the qualifying exam and students seeking admission to B.Sc. part II must have at least 50% in the qualifying exam.
2. For candidates coming from outside the District Candidates must have at least 55% marks in the qualifying exam in order to get admission to its you of any faculty.

Eligibility Rules in Different Faculties
1. Candidates who have passed the qualifying exam in any stream can get admission in B.A Ist year but only science students can get admission in B.Sc. Ist year.
2. Change in subject Subject can be changed only if there’s vacant seat in the desired faculty. This choice is given once only. B.A/B.Sc. IInd year / III year Admission can be sought according to the rule of Bikaner University.

Admission After a Gap
1. If a candidate seeks admission after two academic session of the college he can also get admission under following conditions :-
2. The candidate will gave to produce an affidavit showing that he has not been a regular student in any other college or a private student of any other university.
3. It should also be mentioned in the affidavit that the candidate bears a good moral character and has never been involved in any criminal affiance.
4. Admission of the candidate will be considered only after he produces the affidavit
Note: After two academic session of the College no one will be given admission But this is not applicable on female candidates.

Rules for Admission of Failures
1. If a regular or a private student fails in the exam or could not take the exam due to short attendance, he will not be given admission in the same class.
5. But if a student has taken part in any interstate or international competition in the last year and due to this could not appear in the exam, he will be given admission in the same class.

General Rules
1. The Principal can reject admission in the following situations.
2. Any candidates who given wrong information about himself or deliberately hides something in the admission form.
3. Any candidates who has not deposited the necessary fee till the last date.
4. Any candidates who tries to get admission by unfair means.
5. Any candidate involved in any criminal case.
6. Any candidates caught in the exam.
7. If there is no seats