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School Uniform

Well equipped, ultra modern Physics, Chemistry and Bio lab exist in the senior section in which young scientists have freedom to convert their theortical ideas performing experiments. Maths lab has been set up All student are expected to come to school in proper school uniform only .The uniform is: Boys: Light pink shirt with half sleeves,Brown trousers,Black shoes with Laces , School Tie, Belt, light pink socks and (brown sweater in winters).

Girls : pink shirt with half sleeves ,grey check skirt (Nursery , KG)/Divider (I to VII), Salwar suit (VIII to XII),Black shoes tie, belt (brown sweater in winters).

White uniform on Wednesday and House uniform on Saturday
House system
Children have been divided into four houses, namely, Gandhi, Nehru, Shivaji, Pratap. To bring out in the hidden talents of the children, inter-house competition in both, sport and cultural activities are organized every now and then. These competition provide tremendous scope for the development of creativity and physical health.