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YOUR CHILD IS THE FUTURE OF NATION. You gave your ward to us to care and superwise. him/her so that he/she can make his/her destiny. We need your co-operation with the administration of the school. So you should respect the following guidelines whole heartedly.

1. You should not come with the request for changing the section of your ward. The sections are made in alphabetical order of the names of the students.
2. We do not encourage tuition. The teachers pay great attention to the students in the class itself.
3. Scholar's dairy is the mirror and also the medium of communication so you should fill all details on the first page of the diary and the diary should be checked daily by you for remarks if any by the teacher or Principal.
4. You should check his/her school bag daily to see that your ward has brought all of his/her belongings.
5. You should pay all dues in time.
6. You are also expected to pay personal attention to the homework assigned to your ward.
7. You should ensure that your ward reaches his/her bus stop/ school in time. Late comers are not allowed.
8. You should not go directly to the teacher in the class room. Contact the principal for any suggestion/querry or discussion.
9. It is your duty to check that your ward wears proper uniform. It should be washed and ironed properly. Prescribed house uniform and white uniform should be worn on every Wednesday and Saturday respectively.
Kindly not that in education a child rides a bicycle in which the front wheel is the teacher and the back wheel having that hub is the parents unless that back wheel moves the bicycle will not move.